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Hit a Grand Slam & Save big with AGI
Save Water, Time, & Money with an Artificial Grass Athletic Field.

Artificial Grass Inc. supplies and installs the highest quality synthetic turf sports surfaces. Our staff is trained and knowledgeable, with more than 24 years of combined experience and over 15 athletic field installations.

Artificial Field Turf vs. Natural Real Grass:

1. Superior traction and consistent footing
2. Lower maintenance costs: no mowing, watering, chemicals, aerating, or painting; savings can exceed $20,000 per year.
3. Game lines, logos, and numbers never need re-painting.
4. Multi use fields that can be used for a variety of sports.
5. Increased hours of playability year-round and in all weather conditions due to high durability.
6. Cutting edge UV-treated synthetic fiber "turf carpet".

Artificial Grass Inc. vs. The Other Guys:

1. We can fabricate fibers to suit your specifications, including Monofilament, LSR, XP, and more
2. We're owner-operated with over 12 years turf experience. Our Head Foreman also has over 12 years of experience.
3. Our expert crews travel to your site to install our synthetic fields, NOT an untrained third-party.
4. AGI buys direct from the manufacturer, cutting out the middle and passing the often significant savings on to the customer.

Installation of the field

The Base: One of the most important and integral parts of construction. Without a good base it does not matter how good the turf is. We can help make sure you have the best experience on your site to ensure even the smallest details.

The Turf: Our Sports Turf is the most durable in the marketplace and is installed by our expert crews. Our turf has 22 ounces of polyurethane backing, and a 3/8" stitch gauge -- all of which means that you get the maximum amount of fibers per square foot. We can also order artificial grass according to your specifications and needs.

We've installed for all the major turf companies, and now bring that expertise directly to you for significantly less. We use only our own trained installation crews, and do not sub-contract our work.


Damien High School, Montebello High School, Riverside Poly, Northview High School, Claremont High School are just a few of the schools in this area we have had the honor of serving.

Artificial Grass Incorporated has installed countless playgrounds in Southern California for some of the most elite schools, public and private. They see the benefits of having an all season turf playground on their campus. It is not hard to see why an artificial surface is the best surface for their needs. We have transformed some of the most dank, dreary parking lots into the most beautiful play surfaces. No more skinned knees or bloodied chins, just gorgeous , expansive swaths of green grass to play on!


The benefits of having an artificial surface are vast and obvious. There is a shortage of water in California. These fields are guilty of water gluttony. They need to be watered heavily to maintain their usefulness. Maintenance of these fields is very expensive. One football fields’ maintenance costs can run into the thousands per year. Real grass fields need to be fertilized heavily to maintain their look and usefulness. Pesticides to kill weeds and bugs are unhealthy for kids and adults. Grass allergies, which almost everybody has (ever get itchy skin from rolling around in grass? That’s an allergic reaction) is a huge reason turf is the best option for athletic fields and playgrounds.


When we quote a price we included everything that is necessary for an athletic field: numbers, hash marks, yardage markers, and all integral game lines. Savings from lower overhead and buying direct from the manufacturer are passed on to the customer. Please call us toll-free at 855.403.6600 for more information.

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low maintenance athletic field
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