Artificial Grass Installation 1. Other products may have high lead content or other heavy metals.

2. Other products have poor yarn quality and poor UV stabilization, along with an inconsistency in appearance and quality. AGI's products are UV Coated, discolor resistant and stain resistant.

3. Other products may have wrinkle and puckering problems.

4. Small samples on other products may look good, but cheap turf is streaked once it's installed.

5. Cheap quality turf uses translucent yarn; you can almost see through it.

Artificial Grass Installation 6. Other products claim certain face yarn weight, but often times it's not the case.

7. Higher standards result in longer lasting, better looking turf. Guaranteed.

8. Concerned about turf getting too hot? Check out our Turf Cooling Technology page. AGI has the products that lowers surface temperatures by up to 60°!

A Huge Inventory of Turfs to choose from. Most contractors carry turf from one supplier, Artificial Grass Inc stocks turf from 5 different manufacturers! But don't worry, your experienced consultant will help you select the right turfs that fit your lifestyle, budget, and needs.

To view our Turf choices, please select a brand below

blade of grass SGW Tiger Turf
15 year warranty.
10 products in stock.

blade of grass Purchase Green
Lifetime warranty.
12 products in stock.

blade of grass SGS turf
15 year warranty.
7 products in stock.

blade of grass SMART TURF
15 year warranty.
7 products in stock.

Green Sand Infill
Green Sand Infill

HydroChill Turf Chiller
HydroChill Turf Chiller

We carry a multitude of different infills for artificial grass: regular plastic coated silica sand, green sand, hydrochill turf chiller (to lower surface temperatures), and zeofill (for pet odor control).

Gopher Mesh:
When you install artificial grass with AGI, you can say goodbye to your gopher problems. Our 2-4 inches of compacted base underneath the turf, along with gopher wire, will create a barrier that gophers and moles cannot get through. In most cases, gophers will migrate to another area, leaving your lawn hole free!

Weed Barrier Cloth:
Have weed problems? Artificial Grass is a terrific solution to stubborn weed infestation. We also provide weed barrier cloth in our installation per request. Have a major problem with crab grass? Give us a call today to learn more!

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